Creative Director: Kyle Switzer, Muskaan Sethi
Lead Animator: Isabelle K Winarto
Animators: Jiaru Yang, Lauren Neu, Linxuan Wang, Sean Shelton, Tzu Kai Lin, Valentina Gil Duque, Xinyue Gu, Davis Hardy, J.C. Petrofsky, Phirada Kanjanangkulpunt, Qi Qi
Lead Designer: Tiffany Tedy
Designers: Xinxun Liao, Phyllis Zhao, Haze Nguyen, Danna Macias, Cynthia Soe, Chaoran Xu, Sarah Wellman
Lead Graphic Designer: Reem Hinedi
Graphic Designers: Aatreyi Singh, Alessia Piccoliori, Charlotte Beck, Claire Lin, Emily Strycharz, Gauthier Bossuyt
Producers: Punasa (Bee) Sihsobhon, Sophia D’Alleva
Experiential: Eliezer Garcia Gazaui, Jinkyu Kang, Gabriel Medina, Hannah Ford
Web Developers: Amadeus Cameron, Chi Quach
Composer: Seth Marques
Title sequence shot17-22
In the following shot17-18, I first did precompositing of 3D animations from Lauren Neu and J.C. Petrofsky into the layout and made the animation of object revealing and linework animation. Next we sent the files to the directors and leads, they composited the scene with the dynamic gobos, blur and added camera movements.  
Observational Shot 17
Central DNA animation from J.C. Petrofsky, molecules 3D animation by Lauren Neu 
Observational Shot18
Fern and Golden Ratio Spiral Outline animation by J.C. Petrofsky. Molecule, DNA and rotating tree twig 3D animation by Lauren Neu.
For shot19. I did the tree branch flowing animation on the top, and my teammate Lauren Neu did the root animation, line works and pre-compositing.

For shot20, I provided the technical guidance of DUIK rigging and worked with my reliable teammate Lauren Neu with the motion of the tree branches at the center. Lauren completed the flower animation of bottom right also using DUIK rig animation.

As the previous shots, we sent the files to the directors and leads after finished all the elements and they added the camera movement, did compositing with all the treatments(Gobos, blur,etc). 
Student showcase Title card 

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